Learn to Build a SLA 3D Printer!

  • 12 Feb 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • MakerPlace Classroom
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We are pleased to invite MakerPlace members to participate in a unique opportunity fabricating a Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer!  As you may be aware, SLA printers shine a bright Ultra Violet laser beam on a pool of photo-reactive plastic resin to build the desired object layer by layer. With readily available commercial grade optics, these printers can routinely achieve 25 micron resolution which makes them an excellent choice for fabricating jewelry or molds for jewelry or any project requiring crisp details. SLA printers also can be fast, resulting in relatively lower build times. More familiar Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printers typically extrude a fine thread of thermoplastic material and build an object up layer by layer. Thus, the build resolution is limited by the diameter of the extruded thread and total build time is inversely proportional to the diameter, which is typically 100 microns.

The current opportunity is to participate with the designer, Shu Peng, a Hong Kong maker and entrepreneur, in the assembly of a prototype kit for a new SLA printer design.  You will get a first-hand exposure to the construction, calibration and operation of the printer from the frame up.  In return for your critique and feedback, each participant will receive a discount if/when the kits are commercially available. This is a great opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of this 3D printing technique. This unique product knowledge can help you become an informed consumer without any obligation to buy.

This printer uses standard, readily available resin and familiar and open source software (MatterControl) for user friendliness. The laser beam is directed using a pair of servo driven crossed axis mirrors. This design approach greatly simplifies the mechanics and calibration, improves reliability and speeds up building objects. Check out some pictures here:


About the instructors: Shu Peng is a self-described Math Geek from Los Angeles, who now lives in Hong Kong. A HAX Accelerator alumnus, he is the founder of Zeraph and KUPA Technology (zeraph.co)After a few years working as an actuary for investment companies, he left the US and moved to Asia where he developed four products and helped launch 10+ Kickstarter projects. While he studied mathematics in college, he primarily contributes to product development through software analysis and development.  This 3D printer was started as a hobby project with two friends a year ago to create an affordable way to get professional laser resin 3d printing and encourage further development in this area. 

Victor Dominguez works by day in the IT field servicing SQL Databases and other Hardware/Network related PC issues for Chiropractic offices. By night he is an aspiring videographer/youtuber/reviewer of all sorts of consumer electronics. He first got into 3d printing to create custom parts for his RC quad copters, and has since built and owned 4 separate FDM printers.

This class will be conducted in the MakerPlace classroom, so please wear closed toe shoes. The class is expected to require about 6 hours of collaborative construction. You don't want to miss this.

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