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If some of these tools are unfamiliar, MakerPlace offers basic to advanced courses to start you off or to hone an existing skill. Learn something new, collaborate with experts, complete a prototype, start a business or fashion unique gifts. 

Shop Orientation and Safety (SOS) - Shop Orientation is a mandatory course for all new members who are interested in utilizing shop tools without instructor supervision. Shop Orientation must be completed before accessing any tools in MakerPlace. The cost of the course is $40.00 and is payable upon check-in, however, this fee is waived for members who sign up for a month or more prior to taking Shop Orientation.                       

Shop orientation provides every member with basic knowledge of the layout and tools currently available at MakerPlace San Diego. This course is mandatory before any use of MakerPlace tools.  Successful completion of this course allows members to utilize all tools other than those requiring specific Basic Operation and Safety (BOS) instruction.  SOS covers the wood, metal, electronics and specialty shops in terms of location, purpose, basic operation and safety tips for each major tool.  When possible, operating demonstrations will be provided. VIEW SCHEDULE

Machine Oriented Basic Operation and Safety (BOS)These courses are intended to provide Basic Operation and Safety procedures for several of the more complex tools including computer controlled tools.  These courses are mandatory prior to members using the associated tool. BOS courses are typically structured as (1) lecture – an overview of the technology, capability and limitations of the machine; (2) demonstration of the associated software and tool in operation; (3) student operation of the machine to demonstrate basic proficiency and understanding. In cases where a student already has substantial knowledge of a tool, with the instructor’s permission, the student operation portion maybe scheduled first and the remainder waived if proficiency is successfully demonstrated.  BOS courses generally are prerequisites for Advanced Operation and Safety (AOS) courses.

Software ClassesThese courses are intended to provide members with either an introduction to basic design software required to run the machines or to expand on already existing knowledge to make better use of the machines.

Workshops- These workshops are multi-day courses that will cover a particular topic in depth and usually will be project based. It will be here that you will find arduino courses and many other fun project based courses that will be offered on a variety different crafts and practices.

Machine Reservation Policyread policy

Cancellation Policy - We reserve the right to postpone or cancel any course without notice but we will always try to notify prospective attendees …time and circumstances permitting.  Similarly, prospective attendees may cancel (web or 619-225-7288) up to 48 hours in advance without penalty.  Cancellations up to 24 hours in advance incur no penalty IF the minimum number of attendees is maintained.  Otherwise, and always in the case of no-shows (except in the cases of medical emergency and family bereavement), a 100% penalty of the tuition (not including materials fees, if any) is levied.  If a student has not paid for a course, we will hold the slot up to 48 hours prior to the course then we reserve the right to give the slot to anyone on the waiting list.  In such a case, we generally try to contact the student prior to cancellation but workloads sometimes preclude the opportunity.  Be safe, pay when you reserve.  We rarely postpone a course more than twice in a row.  If this happens and causes you problems, please tell us.  As a matter of common courtesy as well as information transfer, students will not be admitted to classes if they are late by 15 minutes to the start of a class.  In this instance, tuition will not be refunded.  Please be on time.

Summer Camp Cancellation Policy- In the case of summer camp registration- 100% payment is required upon registration and there is a strict No Cancellation policy. 

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